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Do you want a good life? how about:

- Plenty of top quality staffed fully equiped hospitals
- Plenty of highly trained G.P.s
- Dentistry for everyone
- Top class education for everyone
- Abundant high quality housing
- No hard drugs. No drugs related crime
- No wars(illegal or otherwise), no terrorism
- No vandalism and so no A.S.B.O.s

This and more is yours by right...

Follow me... Take control...

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How much will you pay for

- A house
- Dentistry
- Good School and good teachers
- University place and first class tutors
- A crime and drug free society
- Gas,water,electricity etc. etc.

How about a vote? Will you afford that?




Capitalism. My definition. A system specifically designed to withhold goods and services until an exorbitant price has been paid.

Capitalism. The inexorable route to war.

Capitalism is the pursuit of wealth and power. Money is its required tool it cannot exist without it and our belief in it is necessary for its ongoing persecution of the unfortunate.

Capitalism is worldwide and there are websites also worldwide questioning its suitability for human life. Search for them and consider their assessments.

We should however discuss the situation in this country present-day
This government, through its civil service, issues figures stating that our economy is booming and unemployment is low and those things are getting better. Who has it been talking to I wonder. We have many problems that I will address and proffer the solutions to later.

Firstly this so called "booming ecomomy" relies on-consumerism and dog eat dog competition. It is extremely wasteful and damaging, not only environmentally but also morally.
The cycle is production and import (market forces applying). Purchase, reject, landfill.

We are urged to recycle or redistribute which explains the plethora of car boot and garage sales which are eventually a roundabout route to landfill sites with which there is an ever increasing problem not only in cost but also in availability and environmental damage. And let's face it materials cannot be recycled indefinitely.

The answer, in considerable part, is surely to reduce consumption and without money as a prime objective would anyone be so keen to produce,transport, and deliver so much of the rubbish that is presently foisted upon us.

In the conditions that now prevail there is such a misuse of labour, land, premises, equipment, energy, transport, ingenuity, inventiveness and time. No wonder those who are marginalised suffer.
There are banks, insurances, inland revenue and tax collecting premises, financial consultants, investment advisors, mortgage brokers, VAT offices, estate agencies, gambling premises (incidentally this government consumes energy, lighting heating etc... and various resources dealing with gambling addiction and at the same time proposes to introduce legislation allowing exponential expansion of the gambling industry by way of Las Vegas type emporiums across the country)building societies cum banks, bookmakers and small retail outlets offering instant gambling by way of scratch cards and lotteries which this government promotes on the premise of good cause. These institutions offices and shops, in the main, are located in our towns and cities which necessitates a mass of mostly car driving staff clogging and wearing the motorways and urban roads,filling parking lots and streets, polluting the air with the resultant asthmatic and bronchial afflictions,and adding to stress and accidents to people and vehicles.

I calculate that across this beleaguered country there are at least five million people engaged in the aforementioned wasteful activities. That means at least forty million hours plus energy, equipment and resources are wasted every day. And that is probably a conservative estimate for there is also a rapid expansion of call centres whose staff pester the public with very dubious offers to get involved in chancy enterprises or purchases. To combat this and internet fraud even more staff and resources are engaged .in tracing,tracking,monitoring,and bringing to justice these slippery characters. Therefore five million may well be an underassessment.

How do we afford to accommodate all this? Someone has to pay and of course it is the poor, the marginalised, the deprived, the sick, the homeless, the disabled, the children. They cannot pay with money. So how do they pay? They pay with their lives as do millions of human beings across the poverty stricken areas of this world from whom we steal. They all pay with their lives literally, or at best, with the quality of their existence.

How can we change things? I say rid the cancer in our midst. Is there a better alternative? Some say that various religions will persuade us to act righteously. They do not have a brilliant track record down the years appealing as they do to each of their gods to be partisan protecting them whilst they smite their enemies. I regard them as another facet of capitalism, nothing to offer whilst living in opulence at our expense. I would respect them more if they were to advocate the same as me. I shall not be holding my breath. Little wonder that I am an atheist.

Let us now look at the problems that generally exist across our country. It is probably best to list them and deal with them one by one.

In this country approximately 5% own 95% of its weaith and have not the slightest inclination to relinquish any of it.

Therefore it has to be removed from their grasp lawfully so that our problems may be resolved.


So let us start with health. According to the pollsters our prime concern.

We have a National Health Service its title describing what it is or should be, and we have private health care for which there is a charge whilst the N.H.S. is purported to be free at the point of delivery. The distinction between them would manifestly appear to be a time element and quality and comfort. Therefore it follows the more you can pay the greater the distinctions, although medical science advance largely funded by taxpayers is afforded to both organisations. Therefore I contend that health provision must not be a vehicle for profit.

It is clear that this country does and should benefit from a healthy populace and those benefits should accrue to all. Although great medical progress has been made to combat disease and bodily malfunctions the access to treatment and care has lagged woefully and nationwide is a cause for great concern as the media consistently proclaims and publicises. Health, in all its aspects, is competitive right through research and development to production and marketing whereas it should be complementary and unified.

H.I.V. should have been conquered by now, and the answer is obvious, but who is going to ask me and who will implement the solution whilst the drug profits are so vast.

This so named "fair" New Labour Administration produces a mass of schemes which in themselves are clearly reactions to ever emerging shortcomings and frailties in their attempts, for political one-upmanship, to raise standards and provision which are always compromised by a gross shortfall of funding. Committees are appointed and they produce tons of paperwork which solve little whilst soaking up even more time,energy and resources.

Private Finance Initiatives and Foundation Hospitals are hailed as Knights in White Armour who will, without fail, claim their pounds of flesh.

Hospitals, medical centres, dentistry, etc... complete with fulty trained staff, (which our schools, colleges .universities, practises should be supplying constantly) should exist and be maintained and upgraded on a rollover basis so that as each degrades over time another is produced ready to use. We, as a nation, have the capacity for this but, as always; monetary considerations get in the way. These facilities need to exist for all our sakes and each provision will always be able to take into consideration the perceived need. On this non monetary basis it is not hard to admit that as the population becomes healthier and more complementarily productive pressure to provide will decrease. A good percentage of the present 5 million wasted workforces Would gravitate to healthcare and be proud and fulfilled to do so. Next in order of concern, as we are told Crime.

Crime, defined as offences against human laws. Let's deal with them

BURGLARY, the breaking and entering of premises with the intention of removing money and / or goods for personal gain, with the abolition of money there would be none to steal and who would bother to remove used goods when new and probably more up to date ones are available for collection legitimately.

THEFT of or from vehicles, shops and various commercial premises. Once again who would bother, after all how much can anyone possibly use consume or accumulate and have the chore of storing.

ARSON, what for?

FRAUD, what for, who could be defrauded, and of what?

DRUGS, who would consider for one moment promoting, peddling, smuggling, trafficking, or even producing addictive drugs when there would be no monetarily beneficial outcome, rather a custodial removal from society if apprehended.

COUNTERFEITING money would not apply and goods would be hard work in vain.

THEFT, when drug related often escalates to extreme violence. That may well never happen again. (As we are so prone to hopefully Proclaim)

MUGGING, surely not

VIOLENT SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, if not eliminated drastically addressed and reduced by virtue of the fact that the police freed up from dealing with the above mentioned.

VANDALISM, I suggest that this occurs by those young who may well take the view, consciously or not, that since whatever they trash or destroy, often public facilities(schools, bus shelters, toilets, empty buildings, vehicles etc) is not specifically theirs they feel Entitled to do so. But if it were pointed out that in a money free society goods and services were universally owned and shared and if destroyed would then need to be replaced thus diminishing the national wealth they may well refrain. I am sure they do not destroy what they consider to be their own property or that of close friends.

CORRUPTION, how? Without money not much scope.

MURDER, how do human beings progress to that? Is it intelligence failure or the product of the world we are saddled with where we are born and grow into.

PROSTITUTION, could that really persist?

ABDUCTION, the realm of psychotics.


SMUGGLING, People? Drugs? Don't think so. And so getting shot of that lot would save a lot of waste.

HOUSING, the provision of even adequate accommodation for the poorer, and relatively poorer, people of this country once defined as the working class and now reclassified as the benefit or underclass has for centuries eluded administrations of every political persuasion. Each one had not the guts to grasp the nettle, to put into place what had always been so patently necessary. Land, property and power have always been joined at the hip with money and therefore beyond the reach of the majority.

Title to land remains in the possession of what we term as the establishment and bears out the definition of capitalisms exorbitance.

There is an acute shortage of houses, apartments etc which in a market economy encourages runaway price inflation and an insufficiency which allows poor condition existing properties and low quality developments on unsuitable building land to be foisted on desperate home seekers.

Landlords consistently neglect properties and demand as high a rent as they consider the market will bear. Couples, especially young couples, are encouraged to wildly overstretch their mortgage purchasing (if they can get on the "ladder" at all) whilst mortgage providers are secure in the knowledge that they can repossess should the buyers default.

Couples wishing to start families are seriously constrained yet this government bemoans that we are an ageing society, cannot guarantee honouring pensions and will no doubt produce legislation for retirement age being three score years and ten. In other words drudgery till you drop. There are severe skill shortages in all the services we desperately need whilst financial groups, fast food providers, consumers outlets proliferate soaking up energy, staff and resources. What is the alternative? I'm trying to persuade you. Make that lot redundant. Make them sites for domesticity and social provision. Even local council financial space and staff can become available for good use e.g. admin and/or hands on maintenance of property and land. Large property ownership, in excess of need, be reallocated. Multi-ownership not allowed until abundance exists. Fairs fair.


I have already touched on this, in part, regarding the impact of vehicles entering and leaving our towns and cities. Transport is provided by H.G.V.s 1.2.3. Coaches, Buses, Taxis, Vans, Trains, Planes, Cars, Boats and all have their impact on the atmosphere and the environment thereby adversely affecting health and global weather and temperature.

We cannot do without them but I suggest we can seriously reduce our dependence upon them. Without a profit incentive and monetary involvement many of them would self destruct. Those we need and enjoy could be far more economically organised. H.G.V.s for example never to run empty or even part loaded unless absolutely unavoidable. Looking to the future Heavy goods transport in a countrywide tunnel network powered by electro-magnetic induction system, environmentally friendly. Even the Shell Oil Corporation chairman, with a large financial interest has declared publicly the urgent need for a reduction in consumption of oil and various fossil fuels.


No financial attachment and without a doubt the best education we could possibly muster would be available to all at every level and at every age because it would be in all our interests to organise and provide it.
The highest quality teaching establishments, fully staffed and equipped, with appropriate domiciliary provision for both teachers and taught. Therefore no housing shortage for teachers and no top up fees for students, no post graduate student debts, and an ongoing well educated, highly skilled, flow to the workforce. What a wonderland.


Without money at the moment poverty would still exist. It has been with us for a very long time but without money involved the poorer people within our social fabric could and would be integrated into a fairer comprehensive system where they would not be recipients but also contributors Mr G.Brown keeps on addressing this scourge by dispensing currency. Applying for handouts is a confusing and long winded process and many deserving poor miss out. Those who cope with the system are quite often tempted to defraud thus necessitating even more bureaucracy to deal with that problem with pleadings by our civil service bureaucrats for us to snitch. Shades of Nazi Germany. In any case, the bigger the pot for the poor the more numerous the sticky fingers dipping into it. Cream will always rise to the top. The rich get richer as is their wont.

To be topical we could discuss Iraq.What I have proposed in this website would have dealt with the peaceful removal of Saddam Hussein and other despots like him. Bush and Blairs attempt through warfare,voted against by 61% has proven disastrous. Many many thousands have died and many thousands more grieve, little or nothing achieved except grievances, destruction,and rebellion. Iran and North Korea loom. Do you want your offspring or compatriots sacrificed again? Will 61% again be insufficient? Eventually,and in the not too distant future,they will attempt to purloin the rich natural resources of countries with the capability of making a real fight of it and then we will be embroiled in all out nuclear war. 61% 99% won't be enough.

And now I address all of you, especially the young. This is your country. Be ready to accept it. When the next General Election is called do the same as me. Stand as an independent candidate on this platform.

The foregoing on the previous five and a half pages is entirely and substantiially relevant even though names may be different.

What is so apparent now within the capitalist framework is that financial institutions work against a vibrant and egalitarian society.

Each and every financial institution public and private is not only non productive but is massively wasteful of personnel, space and resouces, and absolutely unaffordable, and they all need to be expunged from the framework of the nation. The self seeking performances of the banking leeches are firmly in the public eye, so much so that even a joined at the hip Conservative / Libdem Coalition is obliged to make some sort of feeble gestures. Pin Prick fines in the goodness of time recovered by further dubious practices, cannot suffice. If the present circumstances persist, then Do not get old, do not become feeble, do not get sick, unless you are wealthy. The writing is on the wall. Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Ball and Miliband have spelled it out clearly enough. A rebellion is required.


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